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Bat and Chat Mornings

Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 10am to 12pm we have our popular 'Bat and Chat' sessions. More than anything, table tennis is very much a social sport and as such, socialising is very at forefront of these morning sessions.

The sessions are open to anyone of any age or ability and are a great way getting out of the house, having fun and exercising whilst meeting new people.

Bob, recently retired, used to play table tennis many years ago and started coming four months ago after he saw a post on Facebook. He says "I was looking for something to do after finding that I had a lot more time on my hands. I took the plunge one Tuesday morning after speaking to Richard the centre manager and although I was a bit nervous, I had a great time. Everyone was really welcoming and there was a lot of different standards, so I wasn't completely out of my depth. Even some of the better players spent some time with me and gave me some really helpful playing tips"

The cost for the two hour session is only £6 for non members, and your first visit is free, so if you are looking for a new hobby, or if you used to play years ago and want to get back into the sport, then these are the ideal sessions for you.

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