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Table Tennis Coaching Sessions - What are they like?

We run coaching sessions on Monday evenings for all ages and abilities. We are very keen to make sure everyone is welcome at the club.

The sessions are run by Usman Umar, who is our resident coach and Level 2 qualified. Usman is helped by a number of volunteers who are often experienced players themselves and can offer valuable advice and tips on how to improve.

Typically, there are 6 to 7 tables / courts setup, and 2 of those have robots. The robots provide intense training as they fire out balls in preset patterns, This helps a player develop their shot technique quickly due to the repetition. Usman likes all players attending the session to have their turn on the robots.

The sessions start at 6:15pm and typically run for 2 hours.

We have received some very positive feedback and this is backed up by the fact that we see our members returning each week on a regular basis. Everyone works hard, but they also really enjoy the nature of the sessions.

Here's a short video which was filmed in September 2022 at one of our table tennis coaching sessions at our club in West Yorkshire.

If anyone wants to pop along, or find out more information then please email us at

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